Lfº PSDs
Sunday, December 30, 2007

Photo credits: Hair by Tilly Tokyo, Eyes by Toast Bard, Lashes by Dawn Memorial

Single makeup-less, medium-light skin with freckles. Packaged as a ready-to-wear skin in Suffugium Flea Market (pay-what-you-want / touch vendor to pay nothing).

Lfº PSDs also available for download (see txt files included with PSDs for use and licensing).

On a tangential note, I've made the ready-to-wear skin modify, copy, but no-transfer--mostly because Robin Sojourner (on Shopping Cart Disco) pointed out a potentially problematic situation where I'd still have my name listed as "creator" on a full-permissions skin regardless of someone's modifications to it. Now, lest you think I'm reneging on my commitment towards open & free--you can still download the PSDs and make your whatever modifications (or lack thereof) and upload it yourself--it'd just have you listed as "creator" instead.
Teagan Blackthorne ( January 1, 2008 at 12:04 AM )

With the skins having been out over a week full perm, I don't think changing the to no transfer will make a difference at this point. Sorry. :(