Another demo skin - d
Thursday, November 01, 2007

Another demo skin - d Wewt Melanie wrote nice things about my skins! Okies... about the demo skins--because many kind people sent me IMs alerting me to the problem that my demo skins lack any markings to distinguish them as such. I kinda intended on making the demos as close as possible to the real skins (I always sorta found "DEMO" text sorta distracting). The demo skins only have missing & stained teeth and a green tongue ^_^;; (yus, I'm kinda sneaky that way...) So if you don't usually perform gestures that open your mouth, or if poor oral hygiene really turns you on... then by all means enjoy this free demo skin! Oh, while I'm on this topic... I should point out that the RdÂș freebie skin lacks genitalia and has some seam-issues, but otherwise does not have poor oral hygiene like the demo skins