Not a fan
Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Strictly superficial SL fashion/appearance stuff that kinda bothers me:
  • Prim lashes
    I can never get them to fit, plus they rez as big black blobs before their texture loads (plus, they're not quite compatible with blinking T_T)
  • Short clothing-layer skirts
    Unless you really want to show off your panties (or lack thereof) when sitting, short clothing-layer skirts are bad!
  • Clothing-layer skirts, in general
    The strange irony is that nearly every other clothing layer in SL is skin-tight, but skirts are always somewhat poofy around the waist (I'm not going to even go into the tearing issues with long skirts).
  • Long prim skirts
    They look great when you're standing straight up, otherwise they look like they're sticking out of parts of your body that they shouldn't be sticking out of--e.g. your derriere.
  • Face lights
    They're good only for photography when the sun's at noon-time, otherwise if you're walking around with them at any other time of the day they'll artificially illuminate your face (as well as everyone else's within a sizable radius).
  • Avatar mouth/cheek/nose intersection fold
    This fold sorta defines the "muzzle" of the face--great on those adorable chimpanzee avatars, but hideous on human avatars--especially at noon-time. One of the primary reasons why face lights came into existence (T_T).
I should really put this in JIRA. But no one would care. T_T
Lindsay ( February 24, 2008 at 2:19 AM )

i agree with all of these fully, except for the face lights - true, most people make terrible ones that are way too bright, straight white, and make their own shadows... but if you use several prims and play with the settings to keep it subtle and even, i think it can be a nice way to keep your appearance the way you want it -- sl sun can be so unflattering --- it's so vain though...