Translation from Llspeak to English of the Roadmap for Managing Freebies on Xstreet SL
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Source: "Roadmap - Managing Freebies on Xstreet SL"

We've received feedback from our users that the volume of free, cheap (L$ 10 and under) & stale listings in the Xstreet SL Marketplace did not make for an optimal experience for shoppers or merchants.

We should've kept instead.

We looked into this issue, crunched the numbers, and a few weeks ago we held 3 office hours sessions on the topic where we presented the issues & ideas we had and asked our customers to help us determine the best way to deal with this problem.

In fact, the stupid thing is now bankrupting us not nearly making us enough filthy money as it should be making.

We've now had a chance to review all of the feedback and suggestions which we have summarized here. Today we'll present the plan that all of our residents have helped us build.

All of our residents had no problems with this plan—except them marginal and dispossessed ones. We've been trying to get rid of them for a while now.

The Xstreet SL Marketplace is not meant to provide a replacement or even identical experience to that of shopping in-world. Instead, it serves as a specialized shopping experience which makes shopping & selling easier and different in many ways.

Deliveries still fail, so it's even shittier more "specialized" than shopping in-world!

All of our research and your feedback demonstrates that. Since it is clear that the increasing quantities of free, cheap and stale goods are hindering that experience for shoppers and merchants alike, we will take action to counteract and balance them within the marketplace, for the benefit of all.

We're not a fucking charity.

Wreath Template

To be clear: we believe in a free marketplace and will not implement price controls on what merchants can charge for their goods.

To be clear: we talked to our lawyers about this sentence. It's solid.

Enable shoppers to quickly find the type of item they want, at the quality they want, and at the price that makes sense to them.

We're going to make Xstreet awesome! But without actually fixing search or sorting. Or accommodating demos, or color options. That'd be hard. And you really wouldn't want that anyway.

Enable merchants to find these customers and put their products in front of them.

Merchants have never had this ability before. This is going to be so rad.
Unknown ( November 20, 2009 at 12:55 PM )

Just as an alternative to Xstreet:

Jacquelin Seisenbacher ( November 20, 2009 at 6:13 PM )

Thank you for putting things so well. I do disagree on one point though, and that is that LL is somehow not profiting from Xstreet. On the contrary, it is doing just as well as it ever did. The idea that the transaction to purchase a $L item is somehow costly is just misinformation. It takes fewer system resources to do that transaction than to service an IM conversation that contains 64 characters or more. What the Lindens are lamenting over is the money they could be making if they impose more fees.

eloheliot ( November 21, 2009 at 12:00 AM )

@Embers, Thanks! I'm checking it out right now!

@Jacqueline, I fixed it for you!

Unknown ( November 29, 2009 at 11:16 PM )

You are FREAKING awesome Eloh, i swear to god Xstreet was so retarded. I miss OnRez. MetaLife and Slapt are great resources, and i actually love your skin creations - because i'm trying to use them for good :) and i know so many people who use them. Please feel free to contact me in world and nab freebies of anything i've ever uploaded and created because you are awsome.