an explanation/experiment
Friday, December 28, 2007

(partially from Tenshi's blog! because I think the blog was like, "I MADE U A COMMENT BUT I EATED A HALF"... D: anywayz...)

Ok, I guess I owe y'alls an explanation (zomg wall o' text coming up)... I had been sorta planning to release some full-permission stuffs for a while, but I was a little concerned I might kinda rustle a few feathers, or that maybe scam-artists might sell my free/full-perm stuff to newbies. However, I also thought it'd be moar awesome just to see how other people could use full-permission stuffs to learn from and make something else--after all, SL has a lot of really talented and motivated people--especially when it comes to d.i.y.-type things.

So... last week, I just kinda decided to just go for it and see what'd happen (it seemed like a good idea after a holiday party & a few drinks >.<). And so far, I've gotten a lot of great feedback from lots of people. I can't wait to see what happens next! ^_^

I do hafta credit Arcadia Asylum with her open source "Urban Blight" project for really inspiring me to head down this path--just because, her project made me realize that I wasn't in the creator business for the L$, then I needed another reason to be there. Well, or maybe I've just lost my marbles... but either way, you still get a free full-permissions skin out of it! XD

Re: the Creative Commons licenses--ideally, I'd love to release my stuff with a "share-alike" license, but currently there's really no way of enforcing such a license in SL other than by some sorta "honor system." So I figured releasing my skins as full-perms was the next best thing--they're technically released under a "BSD" or "MIT license"--which allows you to pretty much copy, mod, transfer as you wish... so you could legally make and sell your own modifications to them or even just "as-is" without any modifications. Really! No, I don't have a rabid team of lawyers waiting to DCMA-pounce you... (Hmmm... I should've put all this in a notecard >_<).
Alyx Sands ( January 3, 2008 at 12:12 PM )

*kicks her Arcadia subway train in her funky garden at Blackmount*

I love what you're doing, and besides, seeing some of the drama queens screech is fun, too...

Alyx Sands

Iris Ophelia ( January 11, 2008 at 10:33 AM )

Do your thing, eloh. You're blazing a new path that we really need to walk down. ^^