c generation
Thursday, September 13, 2007

c generation Lineup
(sparsely censored nudity--not entirely safe for work ^^;;)

From left to right: Fc, Sc2, Lc (Hair on Fc is "Maya II" by Naughty Designs, hair on Sc2 is "Ayako" by Kin, hair on Lc is "Nena" by Kin).

Finally got around to adding a darker tone (Fc). It's all finished! For now at least... ^^

[Update] I just got back from running around with Fc (see image above), and I'm happy to report that it works just as well as Sc2 does with blonde hair--just as long as you use the hair appearance sliders to color your eyebrows (i.e. adjust the color sliders on the "Color" tab, and on the "Eyebrows" tab set the sliders to"Bushy" and "Dense"). In theory, you should be able to manipulate eyebrow color in this manner for Lc as well--although the lightness of Lc may not look ideal with blonde hair (unless you're Gwen Stefani maybe...).